We are a digital health company revolutionizing dermatology by introducing standardization and objectivity in the process of skin imaging and assessment by our mobile medical device system Scarletred®Vision

Why Scarletred®Vision?

Our product, Scarletred®Vision is designed to make diagnostic assessment in dermatology objective. Our product is easy to use and allows you to develop better skin care products and health care services faster at a significant lower cost.

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Certified and secure technology. Patented worldwide

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Our clients

Our award winning technology is supplied internationally to biopharma, cosmetics companies, hospitals, insurance companies, CRO's and medical experts.

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Immediate benefits

Saving costs

Working with Scarletred®Vision is very cost efficient. Automation of time and error prone process steps lead to 90% cost reduction.


We enable remote monitoring and analysis which leads to two times higher patient compliance.

Objective data

Standardization of skin imaging and scoring with Scarletred®Vision leads to superior data quality.


Scarletred®Vision is CE class I registered mobile medical device.


Scarletred®Vision can be used in a broad range of dermatological applications.


Our products are very easy to use.

Hardware independent

Subscription ensures that your tools are up to date and reduces your infrastructure cost.


QR and trial codes increase data safety and automate data allocation.


The system is 100% mobile.

2 days ago

Mobile wound care - A novel digital solution for wound management

Non-healing wounds pose a major challenge in clinical medicine and present serious difficulties to millions of patients worldwide. The wound care market is rapidly growing, and is expected to reach USD 15 billion by 2027. The management of chronic wounds remains a challenging task in terms of precise assessment of wounds.

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Wound-care-nurse-is-taking-a-standardised-image-on-the-chronic-wound-on-the-patient-using-the-CE-medical-device-certified-ScarletredVision-app. Wound-care-nurse-is-taking-a-standardised-image-on-the-chronic-wound-on-the-patient-using-the-CE-medical-device-certified-ScarletredVision-app.
1 week ago

Epidermolysis bullosa - How does remote wound care in rare skin diseases work?

Children living with epidermolysis bullosa (EB) are often called "butterfly children", comparing the fragility of skin with that of butterfly wings. It is a very severe, rare disease affecting approx. 1 of 25000 people worldwide. EB is manifested by extremely fragile, blistering skin with a compromised wound healing process.

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Epidermolysis-bullosa-is-a-group-of-rare-diseases-represented-by-fragile,-blistering-skin. Epidermolysis-bullosa-is-a-group-of-rare-diseases-represented-by-fragile,-blistering-skin.
1 week ago

Hidradenitis suppurativa - Pharma goes digital to accelerate clinical drug development

Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) is an autoinflammatory skin condition affecting about 1% of the total population. Due to the characteristics of its symptoms, HS patients experience embarrassment and reluctance to visit the practitioner, therefore, treatment often starts when the disease is already far progressed.

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Hidradenitis-suppurativa-causes-abscesses-and-scarring-on-the-skin,-predominantly-localised-at-the-armpits Hidradenitis-suppurativa-causes-abscesses-and-scarring-on-the-skin,-predominantly-localised-at-the-armpits
3 weeks ago

Houskapreis 2020: SCARLETRED is nominated for Austria's largest private research award

The research award has been awarded annually by the B&C Private Foundation. With the Houska Prize, the B&C private foundation is committed to improving research conditions and cutting-edge research in Austria.

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SCARLETRED-Houskapreis2020-Banner-Nominee SCARLETRED-Houskapreis2020-Banner-Nominee

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