SCARLETRED is an emerging international MedTech Startup, which focuses on innovative technologies in the field of biomedical engineering and medical information technology. Our interdisciplinary R&D team integrates leading international experts to create novel products for highly demanded applications in the digital analysis and therapeutic treatment of skin ailments.

SCARLETRED®vision is the first e-medical device of its kind. The patented system integrates a novel imaging technology, enabling remote monitoring and objective analysis of cutaneous drug effects and diseases in preclinical and clinical phase I-III trials. Complemented with our SCARLETRED®SkinMarker it facilitates a high level of standardization and GCP compliant applications.


Product Portfolio

SCARLETRED®vision (SCR001): Mobile medical device system for contact less visual monitoring and objective investigation of cutaneous drug effects linked with the treatment of dermatologic disorders (dermatitis/rosacea/acne/allergy), infectious skin conditions (erysipelas), chronic wounds (Epidermolysis bullosa, diabetic-, venous ulcer) or changes in the skin pigmentation.

2011 – 2012: Establishment of skin analysis algorithm and intellectual property in the course of a  clinical phase I drug trial
2012 – Q1 2013: Technical proof by In-Silico methods and on taken digital images from cancer patients with developed Radiodermatitis (RID)
Q2 2013 – now: Development and testing of medical App and compagnion product components with clinical and biopharmaceutical partners
Q4 2015: CE registration as medical device system (class I) for intended use in preclinical and clinical I-III drug trials and medical routine

Liposomal rhSOD (SCR201): Recombinant human Superoxide dismutase (rhSOD) encapsulated in liposomes and formulated in hydrogel is proven to be safe in several topical applications and now entering stage I for the treatment of Epidermolysis bullosa (Butterfly children).  The free form of rhSOD is offered for out-licensing in a broad set of potential skin care applications to cosmeceutics industry. 

Until 2010: Establishment of manufacturing, product analytics by POLYMUN Scientific Immbiologische Forschungs GmbH 
2011 – Q1 2015: Proven safety and tolerability up to PhI by APEIRON Biologics AG
Q2 2015: Acquisition of IP and global rights for commercialization by SCARLETRED and start of therapeutic development in the rare genetic disease Epidermolysis bullosa
Award winning technology Scarletred®Vision