We are a digital health company revolutionizing dermatology by introducing standardization and objectivity in the process of skin imaging and assessment by our mobile medical device system Scarletred®Vision

Why Scarletred®Vision?

Our product, Scarletred®Vision is designed to make diagnostic assesment in dermatology objective. Our product is easy to use and allows you to develop better skin care products and health care services faster at a significant lower cost.

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Skin Patch

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Certified and secure technology. Patented worldwide

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Our clients

Our award winning technology is supplied internationally to biopharma, cosmetics companies, hospitals, insurance companies, CRO's and medical experts.

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Immediate benefits

Saving costs

Working with Scarletred®Vision is very cost efficient. Automation of time and error prone process steps lead to 90% cost reduction.


We enable remote monitoring and analysis which leads to two times higher patient compliance.

Objective data

Standardization of skin imagining and scoring with Scarletred®Vision leads to superior data quality.


Scarletred®Vision is CE class I registered mobile medical device.


Scarletred®Vision can be used in a broad range of dermatological applications.


Our products are very easy to use.

Hardware independent

Subscription ensures that your tools are up to date and reduces your infrastructure cost.


QR and trial codes increase data safety and automate data allocation.


The system is 100% mobile.

4 days ago

Psoriasis - Dermatologists get a major technology upgrade

Psoriasis is a serious global problem affecting 2-3% of the total population, meaning there are at least 100 million affected individuals of all ages worldwide. Because of the high number of possible treatments and unpredictable course of symptoms of psoriasis there is a high demand for tools enabling objective disease assessment.

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1 week ago

Virtualization - The golden age of home based trials has started

Because of COVID-19 pandemic, researchers all around the world need to adjust clinical trial setups due to the stay-at-home orders and risk of virus transmission. This situation puts sponsors and CROs into a very new and challenging position requiring to detect and pilot existing digital solutions, which will allow them to continue with their research without much delay. T...

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2 weeks ago

Digital momentum in preclinical drug screening and safety assessment

The current COVID-19 pandemics forced many clinical trials to grind to a halt, stalling research until restrictions are again lifted. Scarletred®Vision offers a powerful digital solution for the standardization of documentation and monitoring of visual changes on the skin surface.

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3 months ago

Stadt Wien zündet den 5G Turbo: 20 Mio. Euro für raschen Ausbau

Wien (OTS) - Videokonferenzen, Home Schooling, Online-Yogastunden – die aktuelle Corona-Situation hat eindrücklich bewiesen, wie wichtig digitale Kommunikation für alle Lebensbereiche geworden ist. Digital-Stadtrat Peter Hanke hat daher als Ziel vorgegeben: „Wien soll die erste Stadt Europas mit einem flächendeckenden 5G-Netz werden.“ Mit einem 20 Millionen Euro starken Fö...

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